The World’s Most Exclusive Potato Chip

S:t Eriks Brewery

A very exclusive beer deserves a very exclusive snack. This was the insight that led us to the creation of the most exclusive potato chips ever to be made. A succulent beer snack composed by the Swedish National Culinary Team, and the rarest Nordic ingredients, to pair perfectly with S:t Eriks IPA.


Stockholm based brewery S:t Eriks approached us to help them stand out from the plethora of craft beer and position itself as a high-quality beer brand. Since the craft beer scene is flourishing in Sweden the competition for small breweries is harder than ever.


The idea was that “A first-class beer deserves a first-class snack”. We teamed up with the Swedish National Culinary Team and had them use ridiculously expensive and exclusive ingredients to produce the world’s most exclusive potato chips – a snack worthy of a S:t Eriks beer.


We figured that an exclusive high-quality beer brand should be accompanied by an exclusive high-quality snack. By creating a new highly luxurious product we figured that some of the prestige would disperse to the rest of the brewery’s product line as well, making S:t Eriks stand out from its competitors.


100 boxes, each containing FIVE handmade chips and proof of authenticity, were created at a cost of 10 000 euros per kilo. All boxes sold out on a campaign web shop in less than a day and the news spread all around the globe. Suddenly the entire world was talking about the little Swedish brewery who made the world’s most exclusive snack to go with its high-quality beer.