The Electrical Beer Glass

S:t Eriks Brewery

To highlight Swedish craft brewery S:t Erik’s inventiveness and strive to create beer experiences unlike any other, we teamed up with Japanese food scientist Hiromi Nakamura. Together we hacked beer drinking and created the world’s first beer glass that enhances flavours by stimulating the tongue’s tastebuds with electrical impulses while drinking.


There’s a myriad of craft breweries on the Swedish beer market. Stockholm based brewery S:t Eriks asked us to help them stand out from their competitors and create a campaign showcasing the brand’s innovative core and their mission to create beer experiences beyond the ordinary.


Together with Hiromi Nakamura, food scientist at The University of Tokyo, we hacked beer drinking and created an electrical beer glass that enhances the taste experience by electrically stimulating the tongue’s taste buds while drinking. An electrifying experience just as exiting as S:t Eriks beer.


Research shows that different flavours can be enhanced by stimulating the tongue’s tastebuds with low current electrical impulses. Making it possible to add new dimensions to food and beverages.