The AI-bread


From the baguette to the naan, every culture has their own bread made in their own traditional ways. Using big data, we combined them all in the world’s first universal bread recipe. The “Bread of The World” was put in the spotlight as the bread that united cultures and the Ankarsrum kitchen assistant as the machine that baked it.


Swedish kitchen hardware manufacturer Ankarsrum approached us with a wish to expand their business on a global scale. They wanted Ankarsrum kitchen machines to be an obvious part of any modern household.


With help from a computer and deep learning algorithms we transformed flour and water to ones and zeros in order to analyze and merge thousands of bread recipes from all over the world in the first global recipe ever made. We called it The Bread of The World, a bread that belongs to everyone regardless of nationality or cultural belonging – just as an Ankarsrum kitchen machine, making the bread, belongs in every kitchen.


The first question we asked ourselves was what is the primary use of a kitchen machine? The answer was to make bread. Many different cultures and communities has their own specific way of making bread. But what if everyone could unite over something as basic as a bread recipe? Something that would represent us all?