Hotel California

Volkswagen Transportbilar

The hotel industry was hit hard by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the interest for a vacation on wheels skyrocketed. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, teams up with entrepreneur Petter Stordalen and designer hotel Hobo to launch an innovation in hospitality – luxury hotel suites on wheels.


Volkswagen Transportbilar wanted to create awareness and increase sales of their camper models California and Grand California during the summer of 2020.


The hotel and lodging industry was hit hard by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Occupancy rates dropped to a few percent and unemployment skyrocketed. As Europe slowly opened in summer 2020, many vacationers were forced to cancel their planned holidays abroad and look into other, more local options in the name of social distancing. While the hotel industry was struggling, the interest in vacationing on wheels exploded.


Hotel California is an innovation in recreational hospitality – a luxury hotel suite, you can drive. Combining the best from two worlds it provides the experience of a boutique hotel merged with the freedom of connecting with nature, anywhere you want. Created in partnership with Norwegian entrepreneur Petter Stordalen, the initiative takes the glamping trend to new heights, packing all the amenities of a hotel room into Volkswagen California camper vans.

Hotel California breaks new ground for a struggling hotel industry while at the same time taking the classic test drive experience to a whole new level. A classic win-win situation.