Guldägget 2019


What’s the value of creativity? As the agency of choice for Swedens biggest creativity award Guldägget 2019, we created a campaign that highlighted the fact that creativity, quite truly, is worth its weight in gold.


We live in an era where data is king. It’s measurable and reliable and makes the CMO’s happy because they can deliver concrete numbers to their superiors. But this pure reliability on data has led to a trend where shortsighted sales-oriented advertising campaigns dominate the advertising industry, leaving factors like advertising creativity declining.


Every year, the award show hires one of the most prominent agencies in Sweden to create the official award show advertising campaign. This year, we had the honor and privilege to design the campaign.


We created an advertising campaign that was worth its weight in gold. Literally. 24K billboards highlighting the fact that creativity is one of the single most important factors in successful marketing.