Gore-Tex Pro Launch


In the fall of 2020, Gore launched a new version of their Gore-Tex Pro material technology – fabrics made to withstand the most extreme conditions. To celebrate the launch and put the garments to the test, we invited our closest Gore friends to a secret supper, staged in a forest clearing in the middle of one of the harshest months of the year.


Create a memorable event experience in Sweden to highlight the functionality of the new Gore-Tex Pro technology.


To manifest the ruggedness of the new Gore-Tex Pro, we decided to invite our closest Gore friends to a secret supper in the outdoors. Staged in a forest clearing, we created a lunch experience with open-fire cooking, a cozy table setting and the forest as our backdrop. Despite the not so friendly Scandinavian October weather, the jackets with Gore-Tex Pro kept all guests safe from wind and cold and gave them a first-hand experience of its features. Judging from the smiles, happy atmosphere and lively discussions, we showed that anyone can have an outdoor lunch in one of the harshest months of the year – as long as they dress for the occasion.


Since its birth in 2009, the Gore-Tex Pro technology has been used to make some of the toughest available fabrics in the outdoor category. In 2019, Gore decided to reinvent the technology in order for brands to more easily optimize their garments for different end uses. The new Gore-Tex Pro was rolled out in collections across the globe during the fall of 2020 and to celebrate the launch in Sweden, Gore wanted to host a press event that highlighted the new technology and its outstanding functionality.