LloydsApotek, a pharmacy chain in Sweden, wanted our help to reposition their brand and develop a communication strategy. This with the aim to reposition as an innovative disruptor on the Swedish pharmacy market. The result? Folkhälsoalgoritmen – a data-driven communication concept with digital retail innovation at its core.


Folkhälsoalgorten is a data-driven brand strategy that integrates retail innovation with communication to create real value for consumers and society as a whole. Using this platform LloydsApotek helps individuals take control over their own health through digitally driven projects and aim to alleviate the pressure on the Swedish health care system. So far the concept has been used to lower prices of flu-products where it’s needed the most as well as provide benefits to health care professionals dealing with Covid-19.


Folkhälsoalgoritmen – Deals on Demand

When you’re feeling unwell, one of the things your doctor tells you not to do is to turn to Google. However, for many of us, this is precisely what we do. During the month of February, the month with peak seasonal influenza, we paired Google search data about flu symptoms with data from Folkhälsomyndigheten about local levels of sick leave. We then connected this to our e-commerce platform in real-time. The sicker people got – the lower prices became. When demand goes up, usually retailers raise their prices. In this case, we did the opposite. A Robin Hood discount if you will – where it’s needed the most.


Folkhälsoalgoritmen 2.0 – The Hero Discount

In February 2019, Covid-19 hit Sweden hard. At this point, like many others, LloydsApotek already had a communication campaign in the works and ready to launch. The crisis forced us all to think on our feet. Together with the client, we decided to scrap the existing campaign and instead launch a national Staff discount for all medical personnel in Sweden. A tribute to all the heroes that every day puts their own health second to others.