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Eniro is the company behind the yellow pages and one of the most recognizable brands in Sweden. We’re helping them craft strategies for the future. Starting with brand new branding.


Some of you might remember that in the long long-ago we all turned to a paper catalog in search of contact information. Eniro is the company behind the classic brick of contacts the phonebook, or “Telefonkatalogen” as we say in Sweden.  Since the last physical issue was published back in the year of 2017 Eniro has digitally transformed its business. In ages past Eniro, alongside their Norwegian subsidiary Gule Sider and Danish Krak, provided not only contact information but also helped small businesses get new clients by being visible in their physical catalog. Today they provide the same service but this time – they help businesses be visible online.


We’ve helped them on the journey by creating a brand new communication concept for their three Nordic markets as well as an updated brand identity. Our updated brand identity features crisp dynamic imagery along with updated logotypes, fonts, and kinetic brand typography.