Best Served Well Deserved

Arboga Brewery

We helped Swedish brewer Arboga reposition their brand and developed a new communication strategy, placing them in a trendy outdoor setting and highlighting the divine moments in the Swedish woods where a cold Arboga is best enjoyed.


Arboga Brewery wanted our help to reposition their brand and develop a communication strategy. This with the aim to establish Arboga as a premium yet affordable Swedish lager.


We repositioned Arboga as an outdoor beer that’s best enjoyed in the Swedish woods and developed a strategic communication concept revolving around the heavenly moment when drinking the first zip of beer after spending the entire day in the nature. Highlighting that an Arboga is best served well deserved.


Outdoor activities such as a hiking, hunting and fishing are on the rise in Sweden, especially amongst Arboga’s target audience. These activities captures an aspiring lifestyle where a cold Arboga fits like a glove. Because if there’s somewhere an Arboga can reach a new dimension of deliciousness, it’s in front of the campfire after a long day in the woods – when you’ve deserved it.

Communication Concept

Best Served Well Deserved.