Adobe Stock Apparel


Creatives have historically had strong negative preconceptions about stock photos. So, we turned those preconceptions to our advantage and created a contemporary clothing line as a final tribute and farewell to the stock photo clichés that creatives love to hate.


The task was to launch Adobe Stock, a new service within the stock photo market – which is dominated by a few very strong and well-known competitors. The challenge was to differentiate Adobe Stock from its competitors, generate awareness and function as a door opener for the Adobe sales team. The campaign started in the Nordics and was then carried out globally.


We turned the preconception about stock photo agencies to our advantage and created a final homage to the clichés: The clothing line Adobe Stock Apparel SS16. The look book pictures were distributed via PR, social media and through Adobes own channels. Garments were sent out to selected prospects and influencers. Practical arguments for Adobe Stock was printed on the neck tag.


We have all seen the traditional stock photos – Business men shaking hands, happy old couples on the beach or healthy women eating salad. The infamous pictures we love to hate has doubtlessly achieved cult status around the Internet and countless webpages and forums are dedicated to memes making fun of them. We realized that, by turning Adobe Stock photos into a hip clothing line, we could show that Adobe understands its target audience and speaks their language.


The campaign resulted in an exceeded sales target by 320 %, a total gross range amounted to 720 000 000, 131 editorial articles in 33 countries and 81 000 000 impressions on social media. Not a single media purchase was made in the entire campaign.