Mandarva, new partner at Abby Priest

We are excited to announce that our brilliant CEO, Mandarva Stenborg, has become a partner in Abby Priest:

“I’m extremely happy and proud to join Andreas and Oskar as a partner in Abby Priest. We are on an exciting journey and I can’t wait for all of us to continue exploring the future of communication together with our clients”.

In connection with the turn of the year, Tomas Strand, our former partner, left the firm in search of new challenges. We are anticipating great adventures ahead, which include changes within the company, and beyond.

“The industry has been quite traditional and static for a while and we are in the middle of an exciting shift where old and tried methods meet new, exciting technology. We look forward to finding ways for the two to meet without losing the human focus, in both how and what we do. As well as building Abby Priest into a space where we want to spend time, without having to choose between work or life.”