The Recipe for Success

To ensure our campaigns always deliver reach, without spending all your money on media investment, we have developed our own model to evaluate and refine creative ideas. The model is based upon classic news evaluation criteria combined and updated with engaging requisites for social media and the digital age.



Diamond – Guldnyckeln
Gold – Guldägget
Gold x 2 – 100wattaren
Gold x 2 – Guldnyckeln
Gold – ADC Germany
Gold – ECHO Awards
Gold x 2 – Epica Awards
Silver – Guldägget
Silver – ADC Germany
Silver – Epica Awards
Silver – Spinn
Bronze – New York Festivals
Bronze – Guldnyckeln
Bronze – Epica Awards
Art Director of the year – Guldnyckeln


Gold – Eurobest
Gold x 2 – 100 Wattaren
Gold – Echo Awards
Gold – Guldnyckeln
Gold – Spinn
Gold – Digital Communication Awards
Silver – Echo Awards
Bronze – New York Festivals
Bronze – Epica Awards
Art Director of the year – Guldnyckeln


Gold – Epica Awards
Gold – 100 Wattaren
Gold – Svenska Designpriset
Gold – Spinn
Bronze – Eurobest


St: Eriks Bryggeri

Our History

In 2015 the advertising agency Abby Norm (est. 2001) and the PR agency Priest PR (est. 2005) realized that the world was in dire need of new kind of communication agency. By joining forces, we sought to became that agency. Combining the advertising experience and the “Abby” from Abby Norm with the PR expertise and the “Priest” from Priest PR, Abby Priest was formed. An agency for the modern era.

Founded on the idea that in a world that is spinning faster than ever, advertising and PR blend together and turn socially digital, Abby Priest is an integrated, full-service, communication agency in the intersection of Advertising, PR and Social Media. Wielding the seniority of old disciplines with pioneering knowledge of those of tomorrow, from strategy to production. Making global campaigns and winning awards world-wide.


– Communication Platforms
– Communication Strategy
– Creative Concepts
– Campaign Execution

PR & Social Media
– PR Strategy & Execution
– Social Media Strategy & Management
– Content Production
– Media Training
– Crisis Communication
– Influencer Marketing Strategy
– Press & Influencer Events